I Am Not The Body, I Am Not Even The Mind

Incredible power of consciousness unveils extraordinary capacity, transforming lives and revealing the true self beyond body and mind.

Break Free From The Chains Of Body And Mind

Today’s materialistic world often engulfs humanity in a state of Avidya. This Sanskrit term signifies the lack of awareness of one’s true nature. However, many people, including myself, seek to understand more about our true nature.

I often pondered the question, “Who or what am I?” Was the purpose of life merely to exist on this Earth for a few years, only to wither away and succumb to the delusions of old age?

It had to be more than that.

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Am I the Body?

I wake up in the morning and glance at myself in the mirror. Inevitably, there’s a sense of attachment to my physical form. It’s normal to assume that I am my body. However, despite this strong attachment, I know I am more than just this ever-changing, ever-deteriorating physical form.

Don’t get me wrong. The body is a genuinely miraculous creation, allowing one to exist on this Earth and experience all its wonders. The physical essence of my body makes my surroundings quite enjoyable. Who can deny the pleasure of a summer breeze on the skin or a hearty cheesecake melting in the mouth? I have had some great times with my body, and I am in love with it. I can’t imagine being alive without it 😉

Reflecting on my body, I realize it’s nothing more than a temporary assemblage of flesh and bones. It’s bound to degrade over time, just like any tool I use to accomplish my tasks. It’s disturbing to think that this is the only body I will get, and when it can no longer function, it will mark the end of my earthly presence.

So, by all means, I need to care for my body as best as possible, just as I would preserve a precious machine that my life depended on. However, the true essence of my existence has to be more, much more, than this ever-deteriorating physical form.

Am I the Mind?

The mind is indeed a mysterious thing. Besides the body, the mind is the most essential tool for navigating life. It has remarkable capabilities. Always filled with thoughts and emotions, the mind never stops or takes a break. 

My mind has taken me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, leading me into countless troublesome situations and causing me to lose countless hours of sleep. It’s the reason behind many of my mistakes and regrets. 

Even though most of the troubles I’ve faced were a consequence of my mind’s crappy choices, the same mind inspired me and gave me the courage to face trials and tribulations. It is a double-edged sword, leading me astray at times but also providing a source of inner strength and joy.

But the mind is an incredibly fickle thing. I find myself changing my mind far more frequently than I change my clothing, which leads me to question whether my existence is simply this ever-changing, unpredictable mind.

Indeed, I am much more than just this transient combination of body and mind.

I am the consciousness.

As I began to understand that I am not just my physical body or thoughts, I started questioning my true nature. And while contemplating this question, a simple yet profound realization hit me: “I am the one asking the question.” It was an epiphany that opened up a world of new possibilities.

I realized that while the body and mind are both temporary and fleeting, I am something much more. I am the pure consciousness that resides within. And as I explored this idea further, I realized that this consciousness is the ultimate power source.

It’s a light that illuminates every aspect of our being and connects us all to something much more significant than ourselves. This everlasting consciousness pervades the universe and extends beyond time and space.

This epiphany was a liberating experience, filling my soul with profound inner peace and tranquility. I implore you to embrace this truth and allow it to lead you toward a life of greater purpose, significance, and fulfillment.

As you awaken to the awareness that you are the consciousness, you’ll discover a newfound sense of power, clarity, and serenity. Trust me; this journey is worth every moment.

A dynamic personality with years of experience in the software industry and professional mainstream broadcasting. Now, he is dedicated to sharing his experiences about life, faith, and relationships to help others enable themselves to live a better life.


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