The science of consciousness

Can science ever fully understand consciousness? Learn about the challenges researchers face in this ever-evolving field of study.

The science of consciousness is an interdisciplinary field of study that seeks to understand the nature of conscious experience and the underlying mechanisms that give rise to it. It involves contributions from psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and physics, and aims to bridge the gap between our subjective experience and objective reality.

Science will never be able to understand, or prove, the dynamics of consciousness.

Where things stand

The study of consciousness is still in its early stages, and much is still unknown about the nature of conscious experience. However, researchers in the field use various methods, including brain imaging, behavioral studies, and computational models, to gain insights into how the brain gives rise to consciousness.

In recent years, the science of consciousness has made great strides. Researchers have discovered a lot about the neural processes that underlie conscious experience. For example, they have found that some regions of the brain, such as the cortex and thalamus, are involved in processing conscious experience, and that the activity of these regions is closely linked to the level of consciousness.

The challenge

The biggest challenge in the study of consciousness is that it is subjective and cannot be directly measured. However, researchers have developed methods for studying the neural basis of consciousness, such as measuring brain activity during different states of consciousness, such as wakefulness and sleep.


Despite progress, the science of consciousness remains a relatively young and rapidly evolving field. At best it can only theorize that consciousness may not be limited to the brain but may be a non-local aspect of reality that transcends the physical boundaries of the brain and body. 

In my opinion, science will never be able to understand, or prove the dynamics of consciousness. I believe consciousness is way beyond the scientific capability of the “mind.” (Also read: God’s spirit in the human body)

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