Love Bombing: The Narcissist’s Desperate Ploy to Trap You Again

Rise above the destructive cycle of a narcissist's love-bombing: Learn to spot the signs, evade their manipulation, and reclaim your life from their fatal hold.
Rise above the destructive cycle of a narcissist’s love-bombing: Learn to spot the signs, evade their manipulation, and reclaim your life from their fatal hold.

Imagine this: You’ve recently ended a toxic relationship where you constantly felt taken for granted and abused. You’re now on a path of recovery and healing, freeing yourself from the damage inflicted. You’re reclaiming your peace of mind and breaking away from your toxic partner’s painful grip.

Your phone suddenly lights up with their messages. Out of nowhere, after a long absence, they shower you with overflowing affection. They may even sound desperate, expressing love and dependence. It seems as if there was never any problem between you. They completely ignore the whole issue as if it never happened. This strategy benefits the narcissist, as I will explain shortly.

Confusion sets in, and your hard-earned clarity weakens. You begin questioning your decision to leave. You may even feel guilty for walking away.

This deceptive tactic is called “love-bombing,” often used by toxic narcissists as a desperate ploy to trap you again.

It’s crucial to be aware of this tactic and know how to handle it, regardless of your relationship status.

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Evading Accountability

Narcissists rarely apologize or take responsibility for their mistakes. They use blatant lies and any means necessary to avoid owning up to their actions. Love-bombing is one of their tactics.

When they shower you with excessive affection, their goal is to cloud your judgment and make you forget why you left them in the first place.

Subsequent conversations will focus on the future, conveniently ignoring the past. By avoiding discussions about what went wrong, they avoid apologizing for the prolonged suffering they caused you.

They completely disregard your feelings, training you to return to the cycle of misery and suffering addictively.

Dodging Responsibility

When narcissists refuse to acknowledge their mistakes, they avoid the discomfort of apologizing. Even more troubling is that they evade the need to change their behavior or take any accountability for their actions. They never face conclusive consequences.

Hidden gaslighting is at play here. The narcissist effectively shifts the entire blame onto you without saying a word or accepting responsibility. This tactic maliciously burdens you with all the responsibility and blame for the crisis, regardless of the existing issues.

Gaslighting Through Love-Bombing

Love-bombing has a menacing trait: it can sow seeds of doubt and guilt in your mind. As the narcissist showers you with affection and declarations of love, they cunningly position themselves as the aggrieved party.

They create the impression that your departure would shatter them due to their deep love for you and reliance on your affection. Consequently, this can make you question your decisions and doubt the brave struggle you’ve undertaken to escape their toxic hold.

This insidious form of gaslighting through love-bombing is particularly dangerous. It makes you question your sanity, leaving you even more vulnerable and susceptible to the narcissist’s psychological grip. Love-bombing is a stealthy and unseen method that undermines your overall well-being.

Shield Yourself From Love-Bombing

If you suspect you’re being love-bombed, avoiding direct engagement is crucial. Narcissists are skilled manipulators who quickly resort to gaslighting. They will immediately put you on the defensive and make you question yourself.

A narcissist can easily portray themselves as the victim from the start of the conversation. They may present themselves as the aggrieved party or the one suffering. This pain is somewhat true because the narcissist does experience a lot of distress if they see their victim breaking away from their death grip.

In such situations, hold onto memories of the past and the harmful actions they inflicted upon you. Remember the reasons that led you to cut ties with them. Consider jotting these things down as a reminder when the narcissist’s negative influence tries to reenter your life.

Seek support from someone you trust completely. Share your experiences and fears with them, allowing them to support and remind you of your determination when you feel vulnerable.

Define Your Boundaries

Establishing clear boundaries is essential. It’s crucial to ignore their tactics when they shower you with affection or resort to playing the victim or dependent. Always remember the truth of their actions and how they affected you.

If you find it necessary to engage with them, remind them that they must confront their actions and take responsibility for the harm they’ve caused. Insist on having an honest conversation. Please don’t allow them to confuse you into falling back into the role of their victim.

If they deny wrongdoing, assertively communicate that you are fully aware of their actions, and they should be too. Refuse to let their denial or attempts to shift blame hold power over you. Make it clear that you can not move forward with them unless they take responsibility for their actions and acknowledge their impact on you and the relationship.

Stay Vigilant 

Beware of the love-bombing trap that aims to pull you back into a vicious cycle. Being love-bombed means you’ve gained some freedom from the narcissist.

Remember, reclaiming your independence isn’t easy. If you regress, breaking free again may be difficult or even impossible.

Stay vigilant and aware of the situation.


Awareness of narcissists’ manipulative tactics, including love-bombing and gaslighting, is crucial. Without understanding their methods, you may continue to fall victim to their toxic behavior.

Setting firm boundaries is vital. Establish clear limits to protect yourself from manipulation. Consider writing reminders to reinforce your determination and stay focused. A trusted confidant who can support you if you slip is also essential.

Always remember that you deserve a partner who genuinely values and respects you. You deserve a love that is authentic, free from manipulation and control.

Make your well-being and self-worth a priority. Do not allow anyone to take you for granted.

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