Indifference To Deal With Narcissists

Are you tired of being a victim of a narcissistic partner's emotional abuse? This guide can help you take back control and find your inner strength.

Do you feel like you’re in constant chaos and turmoil because of a narcissistic partner? It’s time to put an end to their manipulation and take control of your happiness.

Life is too short to waste on energy vampires. Take back your happiness and live your best life!

Narcissistic Demons, or NDs, are energy vampires that feed on the positivity of others. NDs are notorious for committing atrocious “relationship crimes” solely to provoke reactions from their victims. They intentionally create chaos and prey on charged emotions, reactions, and misery.

It takes a lot of knowledge, strength, and patience to resist reacting to the pain inflicted by these narcissistic energy vampires (NEVs). Their tactics are not only deadly but also incredibly subtle. Even a Zen monk would not realize and could fall victim to them.

I Think My Partner is a Narcissistic Energy Vampire. What do I do?

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Undoubtedly you’ve wasted valuable time trying to make it work with a NEV. But now that you’re reading this, there is hope. You may want also to read “Are You Stuck In a Loveless Relationship?

As a relationship counselor, I often speak with people dealing with narcissistic abuse. Based on my experience, I can confidently say there is only one real solution to this problem: two steps.

Step 1: Make sure you are not mistaken

It’s crucial to confirm that your partner is, in fact, a narcissist and an energy vampire. The signs can be very telling yet subtle. So before you proceed, please ensure there is no doubt in your mind. It’s similar to dealing with cancer – taking cancer medication without actually having cancer can have disastrous consequences. We have several articles on this website that delve into this topic. You may want to begin with “Is Your Partner an Energy Vampire? Signs to Look Out For.

Step 2: Ready, Set, Go.

If you are convinced you are dealing with a NEV, let’s discuss the only solution to your problem.

You must first understand that regardless of the reasons, narcissistic energy vampires have their wicked ways deeply ingrained in their psyche, even their DNA. Therefore, there is no way for you to fix a narcissist short of a miracle.

Considering this fact, there is only one concrete solution – you must get out of the situation. Run as fast as you can and never look back. Run before the narcissists obliterate your entire existence. Run like a bat out of hell.

What? You can’t escape? 

Oh no, you’re an unfortunate individual trapped in a dangerous situation. Your life, as you know it, is in jeopardy. If leaving isn’t an option, you must take serious measures to preserve your sanity and guarantee your survival.

Can a Narcissist Kill You?

Narcissistic vampires can kill you by doing nothing at all, literally. They ignore you, look through you, and act like you don’t exist. Even if you grovel and beg for their attention, they remain indifferent to your pain and completely disregard your needs and desires. It’s as if your very existence is an irritant to them.

The cruel irony is that, unlike physical abuse, the scars inflicted by a narcissist aren’t visible. Only the victim can feel them. Friends and family may blame the victim for feeling this way since the ND “didn’t do anything” wrong.

Narcissistic abuse is emotional and psychological abuse that can severely impact victims, often driving them to suicide. 

Now, What Do I Do? 

If you are still reading, you are probably trapped in a situation you can’t escape. You have to endure the catastrophe. Your only option is to empower and protect yourself.

But How Do I Protect Myself?

Narcissists use indifference to get a reaction from you. They want you to feel angry, frustrated, or sad so they can feed on your energy.

But here’s the thing: Narcissists are vulnerable to indifference too. It is their Achilles’ heel. It’s their biggest weakness. So, if you want to take away their power, don’t react. Beat their indifference by being indifferent towards them. Show that you don’t care. 

Narcissistic Indifference vs. Victim Indifference

Be careful not to become a narcissist yourself. Although from a victim’s point of view, a narcissist may seem content and happy, but deep down, they are miserable people. They have no control over their unhappiness, and instead of fixing themselves, they destroy all happiness and peace around them. They bear an unbearable burden of karma, possibly spanning multiple lifetimes.

When practicing indifference, don’t imitate the narcissist’s behavior. Your goal is not to hurt them or seek revenge. Instead, your indifference should convey your complete emotional and energetic control and your strong sense of self. Stay calm, cool, collected, and detached, and make it clear that they can no longer feed on your happiness.

Embrace your newfound indifference with conviction and faith that you have finally severed ties with them. Let it be a symbol of your liberation, and use it as an announcement of your freedom. 


To summarize, remember that narcissists thrive on feeling significant and needed. But when you show indifference, you strip them of their power and control, leaving them starved for energy. 

In the best-case scenario, your narcissistic energy vampire will leave you alone and move on. However, practicing indifference can safeguard your emotional well-being if you’re still stuck with them. 

Now is the time to take control of your life and let this newfound attitude empower you to move forward without them. You can do this!

A dynamic personality with years of experience in the software industry and professional mainstream broadcasting. Now, he is dedicated to sharing his experiences about life, faith, and relationships to help others enable themselves to live a better life.


  1. Amal

    Good piece!
    Agree that indifference is the narcissist’s weakness too.
    But for a woman before getting indifferent, she has to become very strong and independent. Otherwise the moment she gets stuck in a situation and needing her partner’s help, she’s fucked.
    For example; issues like car troubling, financial matters, her personal health etc.
    Man usually don’t need wife to sort out things, most of the time their dependency is emotional only.
    Or you can say narcissist man deliberately doesn’t share house responsibilities with a wife so she stays dependant on them and remains in his control.

    • Faisal Qureshi

      Yes. That is true. I don’t think men do it by design. However, narcissists do create an environment where their victim is kind of captive. But with that said, I think the victims, usually empaths, are prone to this dependence. Certain people actually seek that dependence, and have codependence tendencies. Hence they end up getting caught in narcissistic relationships over and over again.


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