Why Avoiding Conflict Can Be the Death of Your Love

Arguments can be scary, but they don't have to be. This guide will show you how to argue in a way that strengthens your relationship and builds trust.

Entering into a romantic relationship is challenging. Sustaining it is even more daunting. Both partners need to make a continuous effort to navigate through the ever-changing dynamics of life.

A relationship is like a living organism needing constant care to stay alive. To keep it flourishing, you must deploy many strategies and techniques – one crucial approach being regular conflicts. Yes, you heard it right! Good fighting is a vital fertilizer for the living, breathing plant of your relationship. 

Arguments and fights have gotten a bad rap, but if done correctly, they can save even the most morbid relationship. However, it is essential to remember that not all fights are fought equally. It is only a “good” fight that can strengthen the bond. 

Let me explain!

Whenever people discuss how to repair relationships, communication is often the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, effective communication between couples can help them overcome any obstacles. Sometimes, a good conversation can even lead to a breakup, which is also acceptable. There’s no harm in ending a relationship that isn’t working. 

The issue is that people are often too afraid to communicate. Many people don’t want to fight because they fear losing the argument and having to admit their mistakes. And since no one likes apologizing, they take the easy way out and avoid conflicts altogether.

A dangerous consequence of not resolving dissatisfaction or grievances is internalized pain and hurt that simmers like boiling lava within. 

Let fighting save the day!

Fighting or arguing can work wonders in a relationship if done to find solutions to issues. It’s the most passionate and honest form of communication that can create serious magic in a relationship.

A good fight can work as a release valve, like in a pressure cooker, letting out the steam and preventing relationship-ending explosions. If not released, the volcano can erupt with devastating consequences.

A constructive argument with a positive undertone can stabilize emotions and restore faith in each other. Renegotiating and finding a middle ground can lead to a joyful feeling similar to the honeymoon period of a new relationship. It rekindles the passion that brought both partners together.

Restorative fights also enable partners to communicate their needs and desires, leading to mutual understanding. The renegotiation gives mutual reassurance that “I am still willing to fight with you and for you.” This renewed effort towards each other leads to deeper trust and respect, which is crucial for any successful relationship.


Conflict resolution should be an ongoing process to keep the relationship flourishing – and a good fight is the most passionate form of conflict resolution.

Conversely, being unwilling to fight, argue, or engage in efforts to renegotiate and resolve issues is a clear sign of contempt and indifference. These are the two worst things that can happen to a couple; they are equivalent to a death sentence.

Lack of passion, whether during peacetime or wartime, is like termites in the roots of a tree. 

In conclusion, Embracing conflict as a means to improve your relationship is essential, rather than fearing it as a sign of trouble.

Fight for your love while you still have a love to fight for.

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