Women’s Sexual Revolution: A New Era of Empowerment

Female sexuality has been taboo for too long. Discover how the Women's Sexual Revolution is changing the narrative and empowering women.


Are you tired of feeling ashamed or guilty about your sexual desires as a woman? Do you feel like society is constantly trying to control and repress your sexuality and body? If so, you are not alone. For far too long, women’s sexuality has been viewed as dangerous and taboo, leading to oppression and the forced concealment of their natural needs and desires.

It’s shocking that even today, many cultures subject women who express their sexual desires to derogatory labels like “slut” or “whore.” But that’s not all. Some countries legally require female circumcision and genital mutilation, while others perform these procedures due to religious or traditional beliefs. 

These practices violate women’s fundamental human rights and are oppressive. It’s time for a change! Women have the exact need for intimacy and sexual expression as men, and society needs to recognize that. The Women’s Sexual Revolution is here, and it’s time for the world to embrace it!

Key Points

  • Women’s sexuality has been viewed as taboo and dangerous for too long.
  • The Women’s Sexual Revolution challenges traditional beliefs and emphasizes the importance of sexual satisfaction for women’s mental and physical well-being.
  • The double standard between men and women regarding sexual desires and infidelity has created a vicious cycle of guilt and shame for women.
  • Oppressive practices like female circumcision and genital mutilation violate women’s fundamental human rights and require immediate attention.
  • Suppressing women’s natural need for sexual satisfaction is as unnatural as it would be to regulate men’s sexual needs.
  • The Women’s Sexual Revolution is essential for creating a brighter future for ourselves and our future generations.

Motivation for This Article

I was inspired to write this post by the following opening monologue of “Sex Life” S02E06 on Netflix.

For centuries, millennia even, female sexuality has been seen as one of the most dangerous forces in the universe. Something that needs to be controlled physically, legally, psychically. All the way back to the Garden of Eden and the very first woman, dear Eve. Salome, Medusa, Helen of Troy. We are all sirens, imbued with great power, capable of experiencing and delivering immense pleasure, but also catastrophic pain. No matter what, it’s always all on us.”

The Sexual Revolution

Society has always silenced and suppressed women’s desires while granting men the freedom to indulge in their sexual appetites without facing the consequences. Societal norms have been biased against women, demanding their fidelity while allowing men to be stray. At the same time, society uses the famous saying “boys will be boys” to excuse men’s behavior. This double standard has created a vicious cycle of guilt and shame for women who have natural desires.

In the past, sex with wives was often limited to reproductive needs, while men pursued sex for pleasure outside of marriage. Women did not have much choice because of the risk of pregnancy, even within the marriage. However, the advent of contraception changed everything. Suddenly, sex became about pleasure and identity, not just reproduction. Married couples began exploring their sexuality for the sheer joy of it.

Regrettably, that did not change everything for women. Men continued to consider a woman’s desire for sexual exploration or satisfaction as an unnecessary inconvenience; they were treated as if their sole purpose was to provide pleasure or relief to their husbands.

The Women’s Movement in the 1960s sparked a revolutionary shift in attitudes towards female sexuality. It challenged traditional beliefs about commitment, monogamy, and desire, and introduced new concepts that emphasized the importance of sexual satisfaction for women’s mental and physical well-being. As a result, women began demanding equality in sexual relationships, paving the way for a transformation in gender roles.

Gone are the days when only men could use “sexual dissatisfaction” as a justification for infidelity or breaking up with their partners. Women now have the same rights as men, and their desires are no longer dismissed or ignored. They can take charge of their sexual lives, say no when uncomfortable, and leave a relationship that doesn’t fulfill their needs.

The Sexual Revolution has arrived, and women are boldly embracing their sexuality while demanding the respect they rightfully deserve. It’s high time for men to accept this newfound equality, or else face potential upheaval and turmoil in their established way of life.

The Problem with Women’s Sexual Revolution

The issue of women’s sexual awareness is a complex and deeply rooted problem. The global Women’s Sexual Revolution significantly shifted how society viewed women’s sexuality. While many countries have adapted to this new perspective, some still have strong opposition.

Even in the 2020s, some countries still practice female circumcision and genital mutilation through legal requirements or traditional customs. This practice is a troubling reflection of the world’s past and a pressing problem requiring immediate attention.

Opponents of Women’s Sexual Liberation argue that it will destroy the family system, citing Western cultures as examples of this trend. However, the real issue lies in the lack of women’s sexual empowerment. 

In repressive cultures, the deep-seated resentment and dissatisfaction have led to power struggles, resulting in the destruction of the peace and serenity of family life through domestic politics. In contrast, cultures that openly accept women’s sexuality see less of these problems, and men in particular benefit from such acceptance.

In these cultures, men want to continue suppressing their wives’ sexuality while desiring sexual liberation in other women. They assume that every woman, except their wife, is sexually liberated. Yet, they cannot accept the possibility that their own wives have similar needs. This conflict between women who want a sexual life on par with men and men who refuse to grant the same liberty is becoming increasingly hostile.

This conflict stems from deep-rooted cultural norms and beliefs about gender roles, power, and control. It’s not only about sex but also about men denying women fundamental human rights, including sexual autonomy and pleasure. Men treat women as inferior by controlling their wives’ right to sexual satisfaction and emotional happiness while expecting women to ensure their contentment. This toxic mindset harms women and negatively affects families and communities.


The global Women’s Sexual Revolution has been a game-changer, breaking down oppressive barriers and allowing women to embrace their sexual desires without fear. We are in a new era where women can recognize and embrace their sexuality as a natural and beautiful aspect of life.

Let’s be clear: suppressing women’s natural need for sexual satisfaction is as unnatural as it would be to regulate men’s sexual needs. Cultures that continue to suppress women’s natural desires risk losing the very foundation of the family system.

The change has already arrived, and it’s time to break down oppressive norms and empower women to live their lives to the fullest, happily and sexually fulfilled within their marriages. Men must also be empowered to benefit from this equilibrium by acknowledging and embracing their partners’ sexual needs and desires.

It’s time to stop ignoring women’s natural needs and create a world where men and women have equal rights and opportunities to live fulfilling and satisfying lives. We must stand together and demand that society recognizes and embraces women’s sexuality as a natural aspect of life. Let’s seize this moment to create a brighter future for ourselves and our future generations.

A dynamic personality with years of experience in the software industry and professional mainstream broadcasting. Now, he is dedicated to sharing his experiences about life, faith, and relationships to help others enable themselves to live a better life.


  1. Amal

    Partners accepting each other’s sexuality and high sexual desires can lead to increased trust and productivity, as neither partner would feel the need to hide anything from the other. Therefore, there would be no reason for doubts or sneaking around. However, society often fears women with high sexual desires, thinking that if given freedom, they may forget their family.

    God has made women exceptionally multi-tasking, and they play multiple roles, including being a daughter, sister, wife, and eventually a mother. A mother cannot leave her children behind, even if she is free to explore her sexuality. She remains the same mother around her children, a daughter around her parents, and a sassy wife only when her husband is willing to accept her for who she is. Otherwise, she may feel compelled to act like a good actress, even pretending to be a dead body in bed to avoid being judged for her desires. Sometimes the partners remain unaware of eachother’s sexual desires/appetite for life time. One word for those men, who do not know what their wives actually are is “unlucky.”
    They don’t know what they are missing…. probably the same kink they are looking for outside the marriage.

    • Faisal Qureshi

      Indeed. Not recognising each others sexuality is suffocating, for one or both. Recognising it opens the door to passion, and strong relationship bonds.

      It is unfortunate that throughout history sexuality has been linked to shame and lewdity.

      In my opinion, in a marriage, there is nothing more “lewd” than lack of passion.

  2. Iffat Naeem

    Sexual needs are for both men and women irrespective of gender. That’s why Allah created us in pairs. Those who are sexually satisfied are more loyal to eachother, more happy and less aggressive towards life and it’s common issues. I guess women sexuality is nothing to take as threat infact it allows me to explore more as spouse rather than being extra conscious medically and emotionally while being with any other person.
    Plus specially when you get married, you are given a legal,moral and ethical contact to Bea’s much sexual as you can with the given person. So what I feel is that women should be given equal rights to enjoy their legal,religious and social contract as men.


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